[Darkroom] darkroom prep.

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 23:34:55 UTC 2010

>> My friend Sel explained the basics of film developing and enlarging to
>> me.  From what I gather the important bits for setup are to ensure the
>> tub is connected to plumbing, to have three or so chemical bins for
>> processing enlargements, to have spots to dry negatives and prints,
>> and to have a dim red bulb for enlarging.  Is this correct?  Probably
>> someone who has a clue should help arrange the equipment.  (I can work
>> on connecting plumbing, since that's an obvious constraint.)
> Those of us who've done printing and developing will definitely start
> arranging things once all the relevant features are working. Don't worry
> about that. We already have at least rough versions of everything you've
> cited. We do still need a few chemicals though, see prev posts.

Apparently someone thought this sounded territorial or something, so please
let me be clear that by "those of us who've done printing and developing" I
don't mean ME. I mean those of us that have done printing and developing
whether or not I already know them, and whether or not they've been involved
in the darkroom previously. All remotely competent people are welcome to
contribute to the limits of their competence. And furthermore, my saying
this is irrelevant because I have no authority to say it for anyone but
myself. Vive l'anarchie.

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