[Darkroom] [Noisebridge-discuss] Pls KEEP Fully working Okidata color laser printer

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Thu Dec 22 22:22:10 UTC 2011

On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 1:47 PM, Just Duncan <justduncan at gmail.com> wrote:

> I just saw the meeting notes and the mention of keeping only TWO
> printers.  There was no mention of which TWO and I'm having images of
> an indiscriminate printer toss.
> Please USE-- not toss-- the hi-speed high quality Color Laser Okidata
> 5253 printer that I recently got working and fully supplied with
> toners and drum.  It is on the network (last I checked) and set up on
> the printer table next to the B/w HP laser jet 5 that Rubin mentioned
> getting new black toner for.
> The Color Laser output is terrific and awesome quality!  While I also
> got spare replacement toner cartridges (4-cymk) for down the road,
> they are WAY expensive and unless specified in each print job as B/W,
> use CYM toner for black.  For B/W printing, the Laserjet 5 is more
> appropriate.
> This printer is awesome for signs & posters & Qr codes using spot
> color.  Ditto for web design hard copy, Pitch documents for funding,
> final business plans, grad school applications, grant proposals,
> consulting contracts, vc  buyouts, business cards, cash, etc.  I
> thought it would be great for Noisebridge to have one NICE WORKING
> printer, so please USE IT, with LOVE.
> N.B.  Please do NOT attempt to use it for printing photographs on
> shiny photo paper or Tyvek or transparencies as they will MELT and
> totally BRICK it.  I learned this the hard and very expensive way.
> Oh, and unless you want free housing, meals, and healthcare in
> exchange for your freedom, the ATM is where to get cash-- just in case
> anyone actually reads this. :-).   Not a good idea on printers, the
> man is ahead on that.
Hi Duncan,
Hi everyone,

Wow cool printer, sounds good and useful!

I'm multicasting this reply since these steps are good practice for anyone
wanting to promulgate care and feeding of the Noisebridge Menagerie.

1)Can you duplicate the essentials info and instructions for use from the
above to the wiki, promulgate the word about saving and using the printer
IRL (not everyone is on noisebridge-discuss), in ordre to ensure the
printer is not tossed? Can you provide any links to about the printer like
user manual and url's that lead towards cheap supplies that friends of
noisebridge can order for the printer?  Also FWD info about assets relevant
to other groups that could use or benefit from it (in this case, the
noisebridge darkroom list is CC'd)

2)create a nburl item for it at nburl.net and attach the nburl short link
to the printer (write on it some more?).

3)put it into use: perhaps use it to print more of the expanding 'wall of
noisebridge', and recent photos of noisebridge happenings and interestings.
This is hard since things break or use consumables.I'm hoping that tools
that create useful or interesting things start generating enough interest
to get funds for replenishing consumables on a regular basis.

In this case I'll help out as much as I can and also work on making these
steps second nature for myself...

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