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A processor for color prints!

I haven't been by to see the darkroom in forever.  Could it use
something like this?


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24" Kreonite KM3 Photo Print Processor

Date: 2011-01-12, 1:13PM

This beast will suck in an exposed piece of photo paper (up to 24"
wide, and roll length!) on one side, and spit a beautiful color print
out the other side four minutes later. It is a beautiful piece of
equipment, and deserves to be somewhere that it will see more action
than here -- it has been two years since I fixed up fresh chemistry
and ran any prints through it. It can also be set up for processing
black and white prints, or color transparencies, and has digitally
controlled speed, temperature, and cycle-time settings. Self-contained
in a light-tight cabinet, it is designed to have the butt end poke out
through a hole in the wall so finished prints can be seen in daylight,
while keeping the intake side in your darkroom.

The machine itself was a much-appreciated gift, but the time has come
to pass it on to someone or somewhere that it will be used more
frequently. If you promise to love and use the machine frequently.
Technically speaking, this is a $10,000 machine
(http://www.dunningphoto.com/rebuilt.html#ra4), but all I want is to
pass the gift on to a new home.

Includes a whopping 1000+ page manual, some guides and color printing
filters, plus a few spare parts. Does NOT include transport, delivery,
fresh chemistry, instructions, tutorials, or any kind of warranty.
Probably needs new filter elements by now, but should still be in good
working order. You'll probably need two or three trips with a pickup
(or one with a box truck) to get the machine wherever it's going, and
you'll need some help lifting, as it's more than a two-person job to
lift some of the sections. With the gray MDF cover plates removed, it
looks like the unit in the photo below, but this one actually has
three machine sections. Requires connection to temperature and
pressure regulated water (I can cut one out of the pipes, and throw in
a regulator for a few extra bucks if you don't have one set up
already), drain, and 240V 30A service. It's also big -- about
4'x4'x10' long, and easily 600 lbs.

If you're interested (or know of a school/business/arts organization
who might be), please let me know. Again, what I really want is for
this marvelous machine to be put back into regular use.

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