[Darkroom] Check out the cool shit Alex is doing in the darkroom

Jasmine Strong modulararithmetic at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 19:26:42 UTC 2012

On 12 Apr 2012, at 09:11, Alexandra Glowaski wrote:

> You seem like you've been in the game longer, so I figured you'd have some pretty spatial filters / beam splitters / suchlike. If not, we should have a utility-construction night! I have lenses, but haven't mounted them yet.

I do a lot of stuff with lasers, so I have a random assortment of odds and sods.  My holography laser is a 10 mW dvd reader diode with no lens, though, driven with a current source circuit;  the central portion of its beam is very high quality and once it's warmed up it's remarkably stable.

> As I said, I'm using Litiholo now, but back when I had access to a lab, we used the Russian silver halide plates with D-19. That stuff has to be disposed of at a hazmat center; you can't put it down a sink. So I'm happy to avoid that expense and hassle!

That had chromium in it;  http://stores.photoformulary.com/-strse-169/Holography-Developer--Jd-dsh-4/Detail.bok  this stuff does not.

It also sensitizes the plates substantially.

Once I'm done with developing and the plate is well dried, I spray them with black krylon to seal the emulsion;  I have one that's been on my desk at work for months which has not faded at all.


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