[Darkroom] Darkroom calendar and updates

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 19:23:09 UTC 2012

non-darkroom user here.  but I did get the darkroom a bit closer to a
finished state.

I've got goodnews, badnews, and reality.

Hey thanks to everyone on this list for using the darkroom for
darkroom things, also for using the list to work out events and keep
folks updated on your projects.  I think you organize effectively with
this mailing list *without* needing to meet each other in person.
Maybe now y'all gotta meet since email is a poor place to develop
film, holograms, or take photo walks. That doesn't suck since you will
probably meet in order to do something to further your interests.

If you have an area of the space at nb that grows dormant, it tends to
get twisted into different purposes.  The darkroom is so suited to
optics and darkstuff that I would hate to see it go down that track.
oh wait it already did.  No one developed anything in there for many
many months and people used the darkroom for personal storage (I
*dont* mean Celeste). These weren't even people who were using the
darkroom for its intended purpose! I put a 16mm film projector (or 2)
in there.  sorry.  I'll move that out to the media shelf and get
anyone else who stores laptops or crates of alcohol in there to
recognizzze (I've seen both of those firsthand).

allowances will continue to be made, some right, some wrong and some
needing correction. Like I said above, the darkroom group has been
more effective at online organizing than most noisebridge affinity


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