[Darkroom] Anyone willing to help czech guy with C-41 process?

Rudolf K. westfood at gmail.com
Sat Aug 25 00:02:40 UTC 2012


I came to do SF to do my staff exchange in Internet Archive, doing research
for web archiving project for Czech National Library.

I was here three weeks and I am leaving friday 31 of August. I took three
films with my fathers old russian Zenit machine. And two of them had been
probably unnecessary molested by light during time cause body of camera bit

Anyway i am courious about noisebridge so I thought if anyone would help me
with developing these film it would be great introduction to noisebridge
for me.

I never undertake any photo developing process, i know nothing about
chemistry but i want to relax bit from unix terminal a touch some things to
get analog bit again.

So if anyone interested, let me know.. I can backup developing with 20-30
dollars.. And it will help back in Prague, cause i want so start
photographing after 15years..

Thanks a lot!


P.S. This is hackerspace in prague http://brmlab.cz/ - guys from there
helped our group with some arduino related stuff before..
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