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On 09.07.2012, at 21:45, Rubin Abdi wrote:

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> What Jasmine said. Emi from Metalab (CCed here) developed some 35mm at
> CCCamp last year. Emi, got any tips? :D

Actually the list seems quite complete, but I would bring a thermometer.
We did not bring any bottles, but got ahold of some at the camp.
A changing bag and one daylight processing tank actually worked well, even for infrared film [0].

If you want to have positives in the field, you might want to consider using slide film or an alternative process like cyanotype.
Printing requires a lot more stuff and (dark)room than just developing film.
For making contact prints you need (in addition to the stuff mentioned):
	- Photographic Paper
	- 3 Trays, large enough to hold your paper
	- Developer, Stop bath and Fixer
	- A reliable, timeable light source

On doing color: You can do C41 (color negatives) at ~30° Celsius, 
so leaving your stuff in the sunlight on a summer day is enough.
Times for a Tentanal Chemestry or a Fuji Hunt Press Kit we currently use at the metalab are (roughly):
	-8 minutes Developer

	-1 minute Stopbath (you can skip this if you don't have one handy)
	-4 minutes Wash

	-8 mins Bleach
	-7 mins Fixer

	-8 mins Wash

That being said, black and white is much more forgiving to less-than-optimal conditions.

One last tought: if you want to do pinhole work and get positives instantly, the impossible project is starting to offer new 8x10 inch film, 
but a pack with 15 shots will cost about a hundret bucks. If you are interested in that I might be able to hook you up with someone.
(tough the current run might be sold out already)


[0] http://kondens.at/show/7

> Jasmine Strong wrote, On 2012-07-09 12:07:
>> Practically, all you need is:
>> -  a film change bag or tent (tents are better) -  a daylight
>> processing drum big enough to hold your paper or film -  whatever
>> chemistry you want to use -  a source of running water and a drain 
>> -  a funnel -  some bottles to hold any waste fixer you generate -
>> a scanner -  some way to heat the water if you're doing colour
>> film
>> You can find instructions on how processing works in the nbwiki's
>> darkroom section.
>> -J.
>> On 9 Jul 2012, at 02:56, miloh wrote:
>>> Is anyone on this list going to toorcamp [TC] and interested in
>>> having a darkroom there? What can I do to make this happen or who
>>> will tape my fingers together to to keep it from happening?
>>> I've always been a fan of pinhole camera camp at BM which
>>> develops big 48" images from paper inside barrels.  Is a big NB
>>> TC pinhole camp possible with your support?  I'm already taking a
>>> kitchen sink (practically speaking) to TC, tell me what else I
>>> need to bring to be able to take and develop images.  Anyone
>>> thinking about coming want to consider this?
>>> toorcamp. August 8th through 12th. A hackercamp in the pacific
>>> northwest.  Makah bay to be exact. http://toorcamp.org
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