[Darkroom] Anyone planning to use the darkroom today?

eric stewart e.l.j.stewart at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 18:59:46 UTC 2012

If all goes well i was planning on stopping by the darkroom today, either
process some film or make some 16mm photo grams.  Was just curious to see
if anyone was planning on being there.
Also the other day I was checking out the 16mm projector, aside from the
fact that its a missing a lens and pressure plate, everything appears to be
working fine.  Would people find it agreeable if I made it so it was no
longer missing these things?  My friend has the previous model of this
model projector (non working order) and i may be able to finagle the lens
from him.  Alternatively i have lots of extra, weird movie projector lens
things and it may be possible to Frankenstein something.... Let me know
what you guys think.

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