[Darkroom] Kodak just killed off its slide film

germpore at sonic.net germpore at sonic.net
Tue Mar 6 20:27:01 UTC 2012

I'm pretty partial to Fuji Astia, anyway, since I do natural science
(mainly mushroom) photography and find this to have accurate color and
high resolution. Velvia is good if you want exaggerated saturation for
creative effect. Thankfully, Fuji shows no signs of getting rid of any of
it's line, since they're mostly a film company.

Kodak has been getting rid of its slide films one by one, starting with
Kodachrome. The one I really miss is EIR, their color infrared film, now
impossible to find even on the remainder market in 35 mm. It had some
unique qualities that black-and-white infrared or IR modified digital
can't reproduce.


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