[Darkroom] Kodak just killed off its slide film

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Wed Mar 7 03:35:11 UTC 2012


Possible, but cut it wrong, or expose it to anything in the IR or visible
light range in the process, and you'll end up with hundreds of dollars of
the film made into something useless. So I can see why no one has attempted
this. I suppose experiments could be done with cheaper stock film to test
cutting and light-tightness to visible light, with smaller amounts of IR
film left in the chamber or room for a certain amount of time to see
whether it's really IR tight. 

On Tue 06/03/12 4:03 PM , Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com sent:
  There has been a long-term fantasy floating
 about the NB darkroom of milling our own 35mm out of the aerial stock
 of EIR. No one has had the balls to do it, although I think Jas had
 some ideas about it being possible.
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