[Darkroom] Meeting notes, action items

Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Thu May 17 18:50:18 UTC 2012

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We had our meeting last night, lots of new faces, it was great. Thanks
to all for coming!

First off if you're reading this and not on our darkroom mailing list,
please get on that...


The darkroom list is where we discuss what's happening in the
darkroom, ask questions, report something is broken, etc. If you're
not on the darkroom list you should be using the room. There's also a
Google Caledar, if you're not on that privately email me and I'll add you.

We talked about where the darkroom currently is, where it's going. We
(Kelly and I) also had some butting heads discussion about stuff in
the Darkroom.

Just like the rest of Noisebridge please be respectful about common
space and leaving room for others to work in. Noisebridge doesn't
provide any sort of safety or guaranty that personal items left in the
space will be protected from others messing or using them. Noisebridge
provides the User/Member shelves on the other end of the space for
people to store personal projects in the space, but again that still
somewhat falls under the general policy that Noisebridge can't provide
folks with any guaranty of item safety. Some of us have been keeping
some personal photo projects in the Darkroom with our
names/emails/dates on them and try to keep those items out of the way
of others working in the room. Please be courteous about leaving items
in the Darkroom, it's a shared space, if you've got a project and it's
a problem for someone, they'll totally do something about it and
possibly make your project disappear. Leaving any personal consumables
in the darkroom isn't advised, considering anything you leave in that
room as a donation and treat it as such.

We talked a bit about the darkroom's current state. I've taken all of
the improvement tasks, things that could be bought and thrown them up


Please toss your name onto the wik i

We talked a bunch about classes, some ideas were...

* 35mm film development class some time next week
* Pinhole cardboard cameras
* Light boxes by Kelly
* Lighting talks for the darkroom
* Bulk loading and chemical mixing
* Scanning film
* Lightroom development

If you had a class please email back and let's discuss figuring out
when would be smart to run it.

Other than that we had a cramped walk through of the space, threw some
things out, noticed some cameras were missing, and threw some things out.

If you jumped on board to help fix something, do something for the
space, etc, please toss your name onto the wiki with that thing, and
also email the darkroom list if you'd like help and progress. :)

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