[Darkroom] Bucket, fuckit

d p fenn weasel at meer.net
Wed May 23 04:39:10 UTC 2012

Le May 22, 2012 à 5:05 PM, d p fenn a écrit :

> Le May 22, 2012 à 4:41 PM, Rubin Abdi a écrit :
>> Apparently water tight buckets or larger than a gallon liquid
>> containers in the Mission don't exist. I've tried a couple of the
>> janitorial supply stores, but they didn't have anything useful, nor do
>> any of the hardware stores around here.
> even the paint guy a couple doors down? the kelly moore (or whatever) on van ness does sell the industrial sized tubs of paint (those big white buckets) so they might have spares.

actually i found one in the garage. it still has the remnants of paint (long since dry) so depending on what you're going to use it for it might work w/ a little cleaning (i still wouldn't stick food in it :-)


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