[Darkroom] Wednesday night darkroom success!

Gwen gwen at fromthegut.org
Thu May 24 20:39:20 UTC 2012

Yeah! Last night was awesome!
Hi everyone, Gwen here- I'm new to the drkrm list but not to noisebridge.

Thanks Rubin for hosting the B&W development tutorial last night, it was 
great to get back in the darkroom. I am too busy to meet every week, but 
every other week would be awesome. Wednesday is better for me because on 
Friday I am most often DEAD tired. Sunday night could be OK for me if 
you are looking for a night where there isn't much going on in 
noisebridge, but I don't know what other peoples schedules are like.

As for next time it would be cool to follow the natural progression to 
developing B&W prints so everyone is familiar with how to mix what and 
what should be re-used, etc. In the future I would reeeeealy like to 
learn color processing but that is probably too intense for the second 


On 5/24/12 12:13 PM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
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> By the end of the night we had 3 new folks familiarized with our
> darkroom and 4 developed rolls of black and white. Yay!
> We had some troubles dealing with a lack of premixed chemicals (mostly
> my fault). Also 4 photographers developed 4 rolls at a time is the max
> our darkroom setup and take without it becoming problematic. We're
> also now filled up with the makeshift containers for waste water, and
> developer mix should be refreshed.
> So I was asked if I could do that walk through again, among teaching
> other classes (scanning, Lightroom processing, etc). I'm debating on
> specifying a particular night of the week to declare as darkroom
> night. Even though we started the walk through at 19:30, we didn't get
> done with cutting our film until 23:30. Wednesdays seem mildly good
> but getting a classroom free is mildly complicated.
> Fridays actually seem kind of good as there is hardy anything
> scheduled then, and even if we get done late that night, the city is
> your oyster at that point in time.
> So how do people feel about Wednesdays versus Fridays? Also weekly,
> biweekly meetups? We can rotate around what happens each instance.
> And lastly, what should we host next time?
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