[Darkroom] darkroom training/use

Ivy Anderson ivyanderson07 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 05:20:40 UTC 2013

hello noisebridge people!

my name is ivy anderson and i have recently taken up an interest in film
photography. i have been taking film photos for years with disposables and
cheap film cameras (which i actually love), but i recently was given a nice
camera and want to take the production of my photos as seriously as this
camera deserves. SO...

i am wondering if anyone would be willing to do some basic dark room
training with me. i have never used a dark room before, but have a god
grasp of basic chemistry and a careful, patient, and experimental spirit. i
am willing to pay a reasonable fee to use the darkroom and also to receive
the training. i do black and white as well as color photos, some abstract,
some portraits, but mostly observations on the streets of san francisco.

thanks! and spread the word if you know any photo geeks!
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