[Digitalarchivists] Art and Piracy Conference Session

Kristina Lee Podesva kristina at fillip.ca
Mon Apr 22 04:17:48 UTC 2013

Hi Everyone, 

Here is a link to a video from a conference I organized in Oct 2012 called Institutions by Artists. This particular session looked at piracy in particular and how artists are using the digitization of archives, file sharing, and other online activities to grapple with the cultural impacts and opportunities with new technologies . I'll put the session description at the end, too:


Barriers to content, the desire to share information, a lack of economic means, a belief in free culture, and a critical awareness of the social costs incurred by profit-driven cultural development all have compelled artists and their institutions to interrogate existing economic and business activities to invent creative and impromptu means of presenting and sharing contemporary art and discourse outside conventional for-fee channels. Cognizant of market opportunities and pitfalls, artist-run initiatives have generated vehicles for circumnavigating the heavily regulated “culture industries” while simultaneously appropriating the language and methods of commercial entrepreneurship. This section of the convention examines the organizational modes and methods employed—from out-sourced labour practices to underground publishing and creative commons and copyleft activity—to inform strategies, logistical and financial, that make institutions by artists.

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