[Digitalarchivists] Welcome archivists and associated friends,

miloh miloh at froggytoad.net
Mon Apr 22 04:43:26 UTC 2013

The digital archivists list is alive.  There's a list info page at
Recommendations to adjust and improve the wording in the list description are
welcome. When we have the group description and webpage where we want
it, I'd like to announce this new list on the noisebridge-announce and
noisebridge-discuss pages, does anyone object?

This group has momentum. There are scientists, artists, researchers &
engineers, open access activists, programmers, cryptographers, and
even copyright traditionalists observers, who are all interested in
what we we discussed at the meeting today. Topics ranged from
introductions to low cost scanning with the diybookscanner.org scanner
designed by Daniel Reetz, research like Dany Q's designs for a linear
book scanner, ideas for promoting public commons archiving and raising
awareness at the hackerspace level through Noisebridge, and more.

Again, the nascent page for the group is on the Noisebridge wiki at

Preliminary info on the Reetz scanner that we're planning to procure
is at https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Bookscanner . I'm confident we can
easily get contributions from the wider Noisebridge community to help
cover the costs for decent cameras, lighting, and any other equipment
required to get this scanner up and working. In my opinion, setting up
best practices or use guidelines will go a long way to getting people
at noisebridge to respect the tool and keep it operating well.

I'll leave you with this: at this very moment I'm at Noisebridge
watching Felipe and Dany build and test books on a new version of the
prismscanner linear book scanner out of cardboard!


diybookscanner that we will soon be using at Noisebridge
http://diybookscanner.org and http://vimeo.com/29184137

linear book scanner project

the internet archive

prelinger archives

new alexandria archive

using archival information in interesting ways

a film about nitrile film decomposition

-R. Miloh Alexander


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