[Digitalarchivists] Hello, I need to scan books for personal use

Vinay Pimplé vinay.pimple at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 07:49:59 UTC 2013

Sorry for the repost, but I didn’t know that html emails are 
scrubbed as html attachments. So, here it is in plain text.


New member of this mailing list. I am blind, and need the 
book scanner to scan and

OCR a few books for my personal use. The publisher refused 
to make them available

in electronic format despite repeated requests.

Is the scanner fully set up? What is the software situation? 
Have any of you scanned

anything yet? Can I use it, and can someone show me how to, 
at first?

Sorry if I am missing stuff about the group. I tried to read 
some of the archived

messages, but my 7zip uncompressed the gz files into garbage 
txt files.


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