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Sun Oct 6 20:46:19 UTC 2013

Hi DA List,

We have the scanner back from IA, but it is not 100% operational as of
yet.  Jude & Co. will try to have more for us at the end of this month (ie:
software, a little desktop unit, etc.).

The camera's they've generously loaned us are at my place for safekeeping.
We're vying for all or some of the darkroom for dedicated storage and use
of the scanner, to be periodically taken out into the main space for show
and tell.  We've also talked about outfitting the darkroom with a new
locking doorknob and deadbolt, or having a considerably smaller, lockable
space to keep our expensive stuff (mainly cameras).  It goes without saying
that any such decisions will first be put to the Noisebridge council of
elder hacksters, probably at the next general meeting, which are Tuesday
evenings at 8PM, in case anyone else would like to attend.

Some of you (and me) have been clamoring for a regular meeting time.  I'm
executive decisionizing that this take place Thursday evenings at 6:30,
barring any strong preferences to the contrary.  As usual, I will bring
beers.  Feel free to chip in and/or bring your own.  I'll try and have that
date and time made known on the main list to gather other potentially
interested parties and save us some space at the main table.  Please get me
your votes for alternative dates/times ASAP, as I'll be formalizing it with
a Noisebridge Discuss list blast soon.

Yours in Spores,

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