[Digitalarchivists] Future Meetings & Cameras

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Tue Oct 15 18:26:47 UTC 2013

DA List,

I'm going to be out of town... again... this time till mid November.  I was
planning on being able to at least make the next meeting, but my schedule
simply won't allow it.  That said, I need to hand off the cameras to
whoever a: wants them, and b: is willing to show up for the next few
Thursdays and bring them with.  I'm leaving this Thursday morning, so drop
me a line ASAP.

As a side note, the single greatest good any one or more persons could do
at this moment is buffing up the wiki.  Whoever wishes to take on that task
will win a place in my heart so tender and special as to defy description.
It needs general info, meeting notes/summaries of past meetings, links to
relevant sites & materials, and whatever other sprucing will make it
spiffier than the sad, neglected piece of digital paper it is now.

Available here and by phone (5056709090) for the next two days.  Otherwise,
catch you on the flip side.

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