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Christopher Whipple crw at crwbot.com
Wed Oct 16 05:47:16 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I showed up early in the hopes of catching the weekly Radio meeting, but
apparently that wasn't on. I went to check in on the book scanner and found
it on a table outside the dark room. The dark room had been set back up as
a dark room and had that vinegary smell you'd expect from, well, a
functioning dark room.

RAYC helped me move the book scanner back where we'd left it and I stuck a
weak "DO NOT MOVE" sign on it.

At the end of the meeting it came out that a certain Nadine had been
abusing the dark room facilities, living there, storing clothes and junk
there, and of having moved the photographic equipment out. She had stated
that she wanted to turn the dark room into an art studio. When Jo[h]n
(didn't catch his last name) came back from an extended absence and saw the
condition of the dark room, he dumped her stuff out and set the
photographic equipment back up and used it to process film and prints.

So in light of all that new information, I didn't feel it was appropriate
to propose a consensus item for us to take over the dark room and attempt
to secure it with locks and threats and things like that.

John seems a reasonable fellow. He understands our situation and is game
for discussing ways that we can peacefully coexist in the space. He doesn't
seem to mind attempting to secure the room. I invited him to our Thursday
meeting, but he has a conflicting engagement.

So that's what I've got to report. Suggestions on how to proceed from here?

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