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crw at crw.io crw at crw.io
Fri Oct 25 07:06:45 UTC 2013

On 10/24, dany.nb at qhex.org wrote:
> Chris, John, Vinay and I painted the scanner today, black on the
> inside and red on the outside. It looks great! The parts are currently
> drying under a table on the east wall.

I was reporting our progress to the #noisebridge IRC channel tonight
and Jake said he might be able to donate two 5MP Canon point-and-shoot
cameras that we could keep at the space. The only issue is that "the
lenses are jammed up, so they need software that ignores the lenses
and their errors" - to that end he pointed me at CHDK[1].

At first I thought it might make a better fit for our shell script
than gphoto2, but then I realized if other hackerspaces were going to
make use of our system, they might not be using Canon cameras, so it'd
probably be best to keep the scripted interface generic.


[1] http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK

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