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Tue Oct 29 01:56:22 UTC 2013

Dearest Digital Archivists,

This has been my first opportunity to check email since leaving town.  I'm happy to see things are rolling right along, and that the group is getting wider visibility among the general Noisebridge crowd.  Jake is an excellent resource on all fronts, and the Canon P&S's he's offered could be a good match with all the CHDK firmware at our disposal.  I wonder about the jammed lenses though, particularly if they are jammed at different focal lengths.  Maybe something one or more of us could hack back together with enough brainstorming and elbow grease...

I'm f-ing stoked to see the new paint job.  My compliments to whoever decided on the Noisebridge red and black theme.  I bet it looks radical.

Has anyone spoken up yet at a meeting about establishing a fixed location for the scanner?  When I left, some drama had recently gone down regarding a girl squatting in the darkroom, moving photo equipment out to make room for her hippie bits, which (naturally) pissed people off and caused the darkroom to be reclaimed for its originally intended use.  Whether or not that means that interest has been renewed in keeping the darkroom an active photography facility at Noisebridge, I'm not sure.  At the end of the day, it's an underused space, and one which I think we stand a damn good chance of sharing, at worst, or manifest destiny-ing for our exclusive use, at best.

Any word from IA?  Halloween is upon us, and they said they'd "try" to have their sack of book scanner magic ready for us by then.  That said, it's nice to know that if recent events are any indication, we are fully capable of getting things done without waiting around for their contributions.

Back to the mountains...  More soon.



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