[Digitalarchivists] Dispatch

Alex Buie alex.buie at frozenfeline.net
Tue Oct 29 06:24:11 UTC 2013

Ah, just realized I knew the answer for this bit:

>It looks like IA has a JSON API, but at first glance it looks like
>it's for reading data that's already there, not for uploading new
>stuff. Am I missing something? The same question applies to
>interacting with the new Open Library.

For "uploading"/"creating" new items, we have the S3-like API, which you
can find documentation regarding here: http://archive.org/help/abouts3.txt

We also have a python module and binary that makes it super easy - `pip
install internetarchive` will put the swiss army knife tool `ia` into your
path for interacting with us, and is generally the easiest way to get "up
and running" with both our s3 and our JSON(and JSONPatch for updating
metadata) APIs

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