[Digitalarchivists] Dispatch

crw at crw.io crw at crw.io
Tue Oct 29 17:50:53 UTC 2013

On 10/28, Alex Buie wrote:
> >stuff. Am I missing something? 
> For "uploading"/"creating" new items, we have the S3-like API, which you
> We also have a python module and binary that makes it super easy - `pip

Hi Alex!

This is excellent news, thanks!

Looking through abouts3.txt yields some other answers. There exist
x-archive-* & x-archive-meta-* headers that we'll want to learn more
about. There's a thing called the "catalog" that we'll want to learn
more about.

The python lib looks great. Searching around I also managed to come
across the Spreads lib[1], which I'll probably bug dany.q about this
Thursday. Which reminds me, you should come to our weekly meetings if
you're in the area!


[1] http://spreads.readthedocs.org/en/latest/

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