[Digitalarchivists] Noisebridge Changes

crw at crw.io crw at crw.io
Wed Oct 30 15:44:55 UTC 2013

Hi Folks,

Last night some changes to the space were consensed upon. If you don't
follow the noisebridge-discuss list, the changes are summed up here:


Given that there are currently no associate members and rarely 4 or
more actual, paying members in the space, we may run into some
difficulty the next few Thursdays until the process gets fully
implemented and the kinks ironed out.

I will try to arrange for a member to be on-site to sponsor us for
tomorrow's meeting and will get to the space extra early to plead our
case, should it be necessary. In practice, I'm not sure how much of a
change this will be, but best we're all aware of it.


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