[Fab] Laser status

Alan Rockefeller alanr at ruiner.halo.nu
Fri Apr 15 17:59:59 UTC 2011

> Whats the status of the Z platform on Elvis?
> Do we need new nylon holders for the bearings on the Z?

After you removed the platform and got the bolts unstuck, Evan and I screwed each bolt individually so they were 
approximately at the same height.  All four nylon standoffs were equally wobbly so we decided that is how they are 
supposed to be and put the platform back on.  The platform stabilized them and it works great now.  

We checked the platform with a level and saw that from right to left is completely level and up and down (closer and 
further from the user) is almost level, probably close enough.  When adjusting the heitght of the 4 bolts on the 
platform it is probably best to measure the distance between the laser head and the platform instead of using a 
level - A level is good but it matters more exactly how far the platform is from the laser head.  That should 
correspond to level if the table is level.

The problem was caused by someone unscrewing the bolts too much, essentially lowering the platform lower than the 
maximum lowness.  I suspect a wrench was used to do that - We usually adjust the Z axis by hand and have never had 
this problem before.  We put the wrench back in the tool room to discourage people from using it to adjust the 
platform height.  


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