[Fab] Fantastic Fab-u-list: Inkscape Classes, were to begin?

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Thu Feb 24 19:42:20 UTC 2011

i am aware it's no epilog.  I am just sayin that i know some laserheads
who have too much institution and structure in their "hackspace" job who
might be interested in adding their experience to our dogpile.  i dont
want to perpetuate too many cooks in the kitchen though.


On 2/24/2011 11:37 AM, Rubin Abdi wrote:
> rachel lyra hospodar wrote, On 20110224 111111:
>> has setting it up been a problem?  are there unresolved questions about
>> it?  the staff at techshop SF totally loves me and i can get their laser
>> homies to answer questions etc if there are specific things we need to
>> know?  i might be able to bribe someone to come out and wrench on it
>> with us if that helps.
> I'm pretty sure the Techshop runs a couple of Epilog cutters, which are
> nice machines with plenty of documentation, software, drivers, sanity.
> If our machine had a human voice, it would be speaking in 	Cantonese and
> have the distinct after breath of cigaret butts, cheap casino vodka and
> unsigned Windows drivers.
> What I'm trying to say is that any and all help is always welcomed, but
> we're kind of on our own with this device. :P

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