[Fab] Prototyping a Fossil Mammoth Skeleton

Timothy King tim.king.phd at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 18:09:17 UTC 2011

Hey All,
My name is Tim King - I am the Project Coordinator for the Castroville
Mammoth Project. Effectively, an artichoke farmer in Castroville found an
Ice Age Mammoth on his property, and a team of archaeologists and
paleontologists (primarily from the Bay Area) have been digging it up since
February. I am one of the Principal Investigators on the project.

Is anyone interested in working with us on making a 3-D scan (and perhaps
even a printout/prototype) of a Columbian Mammoth skeleton (the larger,
awesomer relative of the Woolly Mammoth)?

We are interested in getting a 3-D scan of our mammoth remains, and we hope
(someday) to be able to make a 3-D printout/prototype of it. We are more
than happy to involve anyone interested - if any of you at Noisebridge (or
elsewhere) are interested in scanning (and possibly even printing) a
mammoth, please feel free to contact me. This could be an epic project.

Best regards,
Tim King, PhD
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