[Fab] oh hi i am cutting an acrylic in your dj booth

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 23:59:35 UTC 2011

I'll come back tonight for another run at making a plastruder mount.

> definitely don't want to use tap water in the circulating system proper,
> that'll gunk it up fast.  Use distilled only.  We can do a heat
> exchanger if necessary.

Yah I agree.   Tap water will accumulate deposits on the heated laser
tube and shorten its useful life.  Sean, what do you think, should we
make our own distilled water? Until then, can someone with a vehicle
grab  5 gallons of distilled water from Safeway and leave it in

Would a copper heat exchanger obviate any benefits from using
distilled water or is the main point to get calcium and sodium out of
the water?  I couldn't find the specified temperature range for the
coolant.  Can anyone else point it out?

link to pdf manual:  http://www.fullspectrumengineering.com/lasersetupv2.html

> Thanks for the report!  I'll pick up some 3/16 acrylic at TAP if you
> think it'll be helpful to test an intermediate size (my Milkymist case
> project wants fairly thick, I think).
I'll scale off and work with 1/8" until I get better results.   3/16
would be great to have for more tests
I bought 2 pieces of cut to order 24"x12" 1/4" neon orange and 1/8"
neon green from TAP yesterday ($50.00).   I also got 2 pieces of 1/4
frostback clear acrylic for $10.  Scrap and signshop waste is the way
to go.

> Do we want any other supplies beyond acrylic?  Send me a shopping list.
We could use 1/8th piece of cork for makerbot gaskets.

Forums for the FSE CO2 laser products:
I was surprised I couldn't find a settings lookup chart like they use
at Techshop.


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