[Fab] oh hi i am cutting an acrylic in your dj booth

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 22:47:37 UTC 2011

Hi folks,

reprap & 3d printing update:

I've been working on the Noisebridge cupcake CNC, 'Nutjob' and it's
running well now.     If you want to use it, it's at the reception
desk.  The noisebridge cupcake is the one labeled with a Noisebridge
asset label. The build platform is a bit wobbly because it's thin and
got the old narrow Y axis screw spacing to mount to.  .  I've had
prints ruined with X axis skips mid way through prints, but we need to
print more to confirm if that's going to be a recurring problem, so
get printing.  Things to print:  lowrider parts for Gian-Pablo (thanks
to him for getting Nutjob running again), optical covers for the
Microscope (i'm drawing these up in openscad)

Things to monitor visually and audibly while printing:
is the nozzle extruding, is the filament feeding (look for the
movement past the tightened delfin plunger), is the filament siezing
(check the loops feeding the cupcakeCNC from the spindle)
Movement(are the XY and Z stages moving freely, are the electrical
wires clear of any friction points)

The temp I recommend to dial in for a print is
   Extruder: 210C
   HBP(Heated build platform):120C

Some laser engraver report back:

The red diode laser spotter is getting really hot.  "It's juiced!",
Mike Kan says while pointing at it with his hip-mounted FLIR.  We
should check what kind of voltage it gets and make an appropriate fix
to limit or replace the device.

Whatever kind of water we are circulating to cool the laser (tap or
distilled), it gets hot with use.  It was at 78C (checked with FLIR)
after some vector cuts last night.  I'm going to get hoses from and to
the sink and copper tubing to keep it at a consistent & proper
operating temp.  Tastebridge could use this too for cooling wort type
things.     I'll get the 1/4 copper tube and nylon tupe or garden
hoses plus attachments, and report back later.

I didn't have good results with vector cutting acrylic 1/4.  Tapering
and burning.  I was cutting at 10% speed, 80% power(12mA ), and 2
passes (focusing on the surface for both passes).  We discussed doing
1 pass then refocusing at a lower depth, which I will try a bit and
report back on.  I may back off from trying any vector cuts in 1/4
acrylic, this device may not be up to it.  Let me know if I should
stop already.  From what I've seen the 1/8 and 1/16 cuts look fine.

Anyone else experience paths getting deleted between Inkscape and the
FSE printer driver?  Had to reorganize parts many times to keep paths
from getting deleted.  Is the output page boundry is far smaller than
the ~12"X16"  size of the bed?

(I was printing the makerbot MK5 plastruder upgrade linked below)


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