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StCredZero stcredzero at gmail.com
Sat Aug 18 02:20:43 UTC 2012


I'm a former member of TX/RX Hackerspace in Houston, who's just moved
to area. I've parked my Ultimaker clone near the 3D printer area. I
hope that's okay, and please let me know if there is a better way. I'm
currently staying at the Hacker Hostel in the Castro, and there's not
really room for it there. A picture of a jewelry box printed on it is
enclosed. (It's about 5" in diameter, the two halves screw together,
and it really does look a bit shiny like mother of pearl.) I thought
the Ultimaker was dandy, but I thought $2500 was a bit much for a kit,
and there was no good Bill of Materials published by them at the time,
so I got mad and figured out how to do the clone.

The printer is almost recovered from my poor packing job. It still has
linear bearing arthritis (I used cheap ones) but replacements will be
there soon.

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