[Fab] HowTo for Separating Tire Material??

acohen36 acohen36 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 04:38:20 UTC 2012

Am in Turing classroom as I write this.

Any fab persons reading this have GOOD suggestions for separating the
rubber out of steel-belted radial tires for the use of various
Have already *somewhat* figured out how to cut auto tires crosswise
into manageable strips. Each strip still has the three layers of a)
the vulcanized rubber "surface" tread, b) the tightly integrated
steel-belt webbing, and c) the beaded rubber lining on the internal
part of the tire.
Would primarily want the more manageable surface-rubber (a) for fab projects.
NO, a sharp knife does NOT work for this separation!

Will stand by my keybd waiting for good suggestions<G>

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