[Fab] We can make fine PCB with CNC machine in NB now

Hao hao at dorabot.com
Mon Jul 2 19:24:47 UTC 2012

Checkout this PCB I  made last night, without height probing. Second try.
 It's only one side, but it's good enough for me. So I might just stop
digging here. People who're interested can surely dig deeper, say double
side, or with height probing.

What you need on your computer:

   -  Any CAD tool that can output Gerber file. (I use and recommend KiCad)
   - pcb2gcode software, a POST software that takes in Gerber and outputs

How you do that:

Generate Gerber file from CAD tool.

copy millproject file from pcb2gcode's path to your gerber file's path.

Modify the millproject file as you need, set z mill to 0.001 inch or 0.002
inch. Test for yourself.

run pcb2gcode under the gerber file's path, generate gcode.

Copy gcode file to CNC control PC. Load it with LinuxCNC (EMC2) software.

you're good to go! Remember homing 3 axis before you mill, and remember:
get z axis 0.05 inches above copper board before your final homing of z
axis. Because the homing of z on the Control PC is going to set z axis to
0.05 inches above copper, not 0 inch.

Always use protection beneath copper board. *Read Wiki about
MAXNC<https://noisebridge.net/wiki/MaxNCMill>before doing anything
with it.

DORA = DORA Opensource Robotic Assistant
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