[Fab] The computer connected to CNC mill won't boot

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 18:36:25 UTC 2012

hey Hao,

Alan R. mentioned that the PC wasn't booting to me and I told him to go
through the litany of PC troubleshooting:

specific troubleshoot to do first:
You got a 'post' beep signal sequence.  can you check what motherboard this
is and look up what the sequence means?

regular troubleshooting:
Is it the PSU?  Y N  (check if the psu powers up, there are many tricks to
do this, just duck duck go it!)
Does it post? Y N  (check bios settings, check everything is as it should
be -- bios recognizes attached drives, cpu ok, no warnings)
Is the hard drive failing?  Y N ( boot from disk or usb?)
Is it the memory? Y N  (Remove and replace memory, one stick at a time)

That should do the trick.

Does anyone else know what's up?  Who was the last one to use it??!?!

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