[Fab] The computer connected to CNC mill won't boot

Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Wed Jun 13 18:57:10 UTC 2012

Try vacuuming the machine out; it used to have a dust cover but I think
it went missing. The fan was making a pretty scary noise previously.


On 6/13/12 11:48 AM, Alan Rockefeller wrote:
> I was helping someone make speakers with the CNC mill yesterday.  I
> didn't get his name - he is an electrical engineer.   The CNC computer
> froze while he was using emc2 - The mouse still moved, but the emc2
> program was frozen, as was the window manager.  I was unable to start
> a terminal, switch to console 1 or kill the window manager with
> ctl-alt-backspace.   Upon rebooting the display didn't turn on and the
> motherboard gave a series of beep codes.
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