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Thanks for taking care of this Chris & thanks Miloh for forwarding.

I'll look into this a bit more to try & figure out what the best
solution is to get the chuck spinning true as new. It's possible the
female taper of the chuck is scored as well and is not mating with the
arbor properly. I've thought in the past of replacing that chuck with
a nice keyless chuck...so if it is damaged, this might be a good time
to do so. I'll try to stop in sometime this week to take a look at
it. Don't think there's any reason to take the arbor out of the drill
press, unless it's going to be replaced with a new arbor.


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> Thanks for the update Chris.
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> Our drill press needs some TLC.
> The chuck socket fell off the arbor last night. The chuck was  spinning
> eccentrically just prior. I followed directions on the URL below to
> reinstall it. I discovered the arbor has been badly scored. I can't figure
> out how the arbor comes out of the drill press. I didn't attempt to force
> it out or anything. I just looked at a blurry parts diagram below and did a
> google search...no luck.
> I de-burred the arbor with a fine file and cleaned it with steel wool and
> acetone. Put the chuck on with a twist and thwack of a wood insulated
> hammer blow. All of this with the chuck jaws wide open. It spins much more
> centered but it's not as good as it was just last week.
> It's a Ryobi WDP1850:
> http://www.machinistblog.com/installing-a-drill-press-chuck/
> http://www.odref.com/pdf/Ryobi-Power-Tools/wdp1850.pdf
> http://www.nburl.net/drillpress
> Chris
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John Magolske

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