[Fab] FreeCAD: Open Source Parametric CAD Modeler. A forum to discuss, discover, and design its potential.

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Thu Apr 11 20:47:48 UTC 2013

I would like to join you in this.  Super interested in FreeCAD; I found 
a nice link in case anyone feels like clicking: 
http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cad/.  It's supposed to run on Win, 
Mac, Linux, BSD.

Oh, Corey, by "entry is free" I assume you mean I don't have to be a 
TechShop member to attend?


On 4/11/13 1:39 PM, Corey McGuire wrote:
> Hello illustrious hackers, geeks, artists, engineers, and otherwise
> "parametric modeler, inclined",
> This is an invitation to join me for an informal discussion and
> exploration of the state of "FreeCAD", a parametric modeler in the style
> of Solidworks and Inventor.
> Techshop, Wednesday, April 17th, 8:00PM.  Entry is free.
> There is a new tool in town.  A free tool, an opesource tool, a powerful
> tool, a tool that is designed to compliment and facilitate the creation
> and fabrication of things.  This tool is FreeCAD, and it is a project
> (as opposed to product) that is showing massive potential to break us
> free of expensive, closed, cumbersome, tools that don't play nice with
> the rest of the industry.
> What this tool promises is an end...to the seemingly endless...battle
> with software for designing and building our world.
> The nuts and bolts of this tool are in place.  It's like a BMW, in all
> its precision .. just without the sporty interior, the fenders, the
> windows.  We can expect it to do what we need it to do, but the
> interface, which is very intuative, is also not complete.
> Which is where we come in.  Not to design the interface, but to explore
> the interface and view the interface with the eyes of a new user.
> We will find the interface very familiar because it borrows from the
> solidworks/inventor paradigm.  But neither of these tools are terribly
> intuitive to a new user.
> This software is designed to be as powerful as the tools we are used to,
> but to be more approachable.
> My goal, our goal, it to see if it is.  Our goal is to try a couple
> "hello world" parts of our choosing and find out where we get snagged
> along the way, and report this back to the developers.
> The ultimate goal being, guide this tool to becoming the open access to
> industrial design and engineering software package the DIY community
> deserves, and to build a common language for people to use to share
> design intent so that the domain of design is not encumbered by cost.
> Following this meeting, I hope to design hardware and platform agnostic
> curriculum to get the DIY community up to speed with CAD!
> So, who would like to join me?
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