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Casey Callendrello c1 at caseyc.net
Sun Apr 21 00:09:25 UTC 2013

Talking to the vinyl cutter is easy. It speaks HPGL, and Inkscape will 
do it. However, it has an internal USB-RS232 converter that currently is 

However! The cutter also has a RS-232 port. So if have a way to talk 
that, then you should be able to use inkscape to cut just fine. I 
believe Rubin has done this - he'd know the details.

FWIW, the proprietary software requires a license, which Noisebridge has 
legally purchased. I have it. If you want access, let me know. I should 
probably vinyl-cut a sticker with the license key on it :-)


On 4/16/13 1:21 PM, Sean Kolk wrote:
> someone (cory?) mentioned running the vinyl cutter on a vertual 
> machine (on a mac in window) just wondering if there is a guide to 
> setting that up.
> (the desktop is getting regular use- would be great to have all fab 
> machines off laptops and the software install guides on the wiki , 
> that being said they might be!)
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> -Sean Kolk
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