[Fab] Replicator Wednesday?

matthew bennett norcalbarney at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 18:03:42 UTC 2013

Hello all.

I'm writing this email to gauge interest in reinvigorating Replicator
Wednesdays at Noisebridge.  I really miss Replicator Wednesdays!  Last year
RepWeds was a regular event at Noisebridge, and I could be found there most
Wednesdays.  It was really a lot of fun for these reasons :

1.  It's in SF so no car required if you live here or near BART.
2. A regular cast of characters that included 3D printer builders and
company owners, talented designers, and n00bs interested in 3D printing.
3. Taqueria Cancun - you already know. Did I spell that right?
4. Weekly meetings encourage progress.  It's fun to have lots of new models
to show people.

Of course, there is another meetup in the SouthBay Reprap that some people
go to.  In fact, the Type-A people have been emailing this list to
encourage people to attend Wednesday meetings at Menlo Park TechShop.
Those meetings are great, but the fact that they're 30 miles south of SF
could present a barrier to some city dwellers.  For a regular event to be
successful, it should be regular *both in time and place*.

  My questions are these :

1.  Is there any interest in getting something like Replicator Wednesday
going again at Noisebridge?

2. Is there anything happening in the Replicator area of Noisebridge on
Thursdays?  How about #3DThursdays, so those that also attend the SouthBay
Reprap meetups can attend.

Let's hear your opinions.

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