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I thought you were in the habit of canceling 3D Thursday when 5MoF comes to town on the third Thursday of the month.  No?  

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Yes, it's on!
3D Thursday just keeps growing.  I keep seeing new faces added on each week; interest in 3D manufacturing is clearly growing.
3D Thursday is a weekly meetup at Noisebridge where folks discuss 3D printing, CNC machines, gcode, the intricacies of slicing software, and best practices for getting great prints.  There are usually a bunch of 3D printed objects to check out, and sometimes people bring 3D printers.

If you have a machine that needs tuning, we can help you get it running.
I'll be bringing my 3D scanner if anyone would like a bust of themselves.  My machine is down right now, so it's staying at home.  


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