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Actually, I have an MA and BA in German, taught all ages, and technical translation, taught all levels...and taught teacher workshops on how to be a better teacher (mainly using games in instruction and Howard Gardners theories of multiple intelligences--but that is a different class...)

I am currently a translation project manager and work for Kern Language Service in SF. My day number if you need it, is 781 308 4152.

I hope to see everybody at 6pm or so at Noisebridge Thursday...we have a mix of skills, it'd be nice to have more advanced folks a little later. Thursday is also bike to work day!!

We'll find out what people want to learn, and how we can manage to keep the beginners from being intimidated by the intermediates...and the more advanced folks from being bored, and cover geekdom topics...

First thing for everybody is an evil little word...a song that you can not get our of your heard, and it goes round and round is called an Ear-worm, Ohrwurm. I'd love everyone to give it more than a couple of listens...  while reading the lyrics. It's be great, if you'd listen to it more than a couple of times...try five...

For everybody (beginners and non-beginners)
Lyrics: http://www.gummibar.net/2008/05/20/ich-bin-dein-gummibar-german-lyrics-the-gummy-bear-song/

For people with more than a semester/year of German  - B52 in German


(yeah, weird music...but weird sticks in brains more effectively)

The tough part of learning a language is that to make the progress most folks expect of themselves, you need around 200-300 hours of contact/practice. The other thing is that when most folks hear a word in a foreign language they need between 5-10 times before it sounds normal, and between 10-40 times before it is stuck and solid and active in the brain.
And after learning German, your komma-use goes to pot : )

Let me know that you will be at Noisebridge.

My German nickname is Char-lott-ah or Lotta for short...


415-433-5376 w

"There are two ways to live -- one as if nothing is a miracle, the other is as if everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein

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> So I see we've got about 10 people signed up here
> already.  It occurs to me
> that we may all just be figuratively sitting around and
> looking at each
> other waiting for the conversation to start.
> First, I'd like to introduce Charlotte who's a
> professional translator and
> has an academic background in German.  She's graciously
> offered to lead this
> group.  I'll let her tell more...
> Christie
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