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Hi everyone,

I joined this list last week because I and a friend of mine are going to
live in Richmond for about three months, starting October, 20th. We are
really interested in participating in your local groups to improve our
English and to get in contact with new people.

We are young students (19 and 22) which means we aren't teacher and we don't
have any experience in teaching other people. But we are native speakers
from Germany. So we support Marianna's idea of resusciate the group and
offer you our help.

Fabian and Benny

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Subject: [German] Hallo

> Hi everyone,
> I'm emailing this list in the hopes that it might be possible to 
> resuscitate the group. Although I'm by no means a native speaker, I have a 
> lot of experience teaching first and second year German. I think there 
> might be a lot of neat projects or learning that could happen through this 
> group.
> alles gute,
> Marianna
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