[German] "Blau Jeans" @ SPFL, Weds 12/28 6-7:30pm

Peter Northup peter.northup at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 07:32:45 UTC 2011

Hat jemand Interesse daf├╝r?


"Blau Jeans explores the impact of American popular culture on the
capital city of Berlin and, in turn, Germany's love-hate relationship
with all things American.  This one-hour documentary takes a rare look
at the complex German attitude towards American popular culture and,
by extension, America in general.  What's more, Blau Jeans soundtrack
features Berlin luminaries 2raumwohnung and Albrecht Mayer, Solo
Oboist accompanied by the Berlin Philharmonic.
Q&A after the screening - Meaghan Kimball (director), Jim McSilver
(co-producer and editor) and Daniela Rible (associate producer and
associatet editor) will be available to answer your questions."

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