[German] FW: [Noisebridge-discuss] Reminder -- new group to learn/practice German TONIGHT, 7pm

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Besides for that wonderful German Lernen site, there are other resources we discussed to help us learn German.  
A few of us have Rosetta Stone for German.  It seems to be a someone low-stress way of learning (although sorta slow).  You can get this for free from the SF Public Library.
Pimsleur Instant German Conversation is a way that I've found to quickly learn enough to get by.  I got mine for free from the SF Public Library.
Someone found that the Detsche Welle website has a free German Language lesson for beginners.  No one's tried it yet, but me and others said they would try it, and we'll report back:
There's also resources for learning German language on the Goethe Institute website:
is a nice, free site for translating words between German & English (giving lots of choices for each translation).
And, finally, Astera (who started Hackerspaces.org) created this free German language lesson for English speakers:
We also talked about getting some good German language movies with easy enough language to learn through the subtitles.  We can also get the lyrics to some German songs and learn a bit this way.  Maybe some German games, too?
We'll be meeting again next Tuesday at 7pm at Noisebridge.

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Subject: [German] FW: [Noisebridge-discuss] Reminder -- new group to learn/practice German TONIGHT, 7pm

In case you haven't seen this German lesson, I highly recommend the 2 mintues it takes to go through them.

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> If anyone does not have Rosetta Stone, I can definitely recommend
> German Lernen as an online resource.
> http://modernhacker.com/german

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