[German] About the bounces

Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 06:33:05 UTC 2011

Note from your friendly (but somewhat absent) list moderator here. It's
great to see this list being revived and a renewed interest in German.

I've just become aware that there have been a number of messages that have
been held over the last week because people haven't been posting from their
subscribed address. I've gone ahead and sent those through. I also changed
the option for the list so that messages are no longer held because the
source is an unsubscribed address.

This has two consequences. First, all the messages from unsubscribed
addresses will go through without being held for someone (like me) to put
down their law books and approve it. (Huzzah!) The second is more sinister.
If spammers or other ne'er do wells find the address, the list could become
quickly inundated with junk. So far this hasn't been a problem, but it very
well could become one. What with me away studying law and all that, I won't
be paying close enough attention to notice right away if this happens.

If one of you wanted to step up and take on moderation, please let me know.
I'd be happy to pass the torch to a responsible, stable member who's more
active than I am. (I am, however, serious about the responsible stable
part. We don't need two of me!)

Freedom of expression is the matrix, the indispensable condition, of nearly
every other form of freedom.
 - Justice Benjamin N. Cardozo
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