[German] 1st class review

Jacob Ervin jacobkyle88 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 22:38:30 UTC 2011

Hey everyone,

Thanks to everybody who made it to our first class/meetup. I think we came
up with a good game plan for the group.

For those who weren't able to make it here's a quick rundown.

We agreed that one hour a week isn't enough to really help beginners, though
it is handy for intermediate/experts to stay sharp. So in order to help
beginners each week we will have an optional study theme to keep people busy
in-between classes IE "At the restaurant", "Common words and phrases" or
maybe topics such as gender or plurals in German.

It would also be nice for people to share any helpful links they find
while studying on their own. We can add them to the Wiki as they get passed
around the mailing list too. Here are some that where recommended last night
that seem interesting.

1) - 100 most common words in written German. Seems like it would be a good
foundation to know most of these.

2) - Very good English/German dictionaries / grammar help

3) - Word quiz game

Lucy had a very good recommendation for beginners; try reading
German childrens books or watching childrens shows in German (If I find any
good links Ill send them out).

Once the group gets rolling we talked about getting out of noisebridge once
a month or so. Often it is possible to find German movies playing around
town, or we could all go out to a german pub like Schroeders and practice

Again, this group is for students of all levels and we should have something
for everyone. Personally I am beginning at a very low level and so most of
the links I contribute will be focused at the simple end of the spectrum,
however if you are more advanced feel free to post more interesting links.
That Pirate movie that got passed around a few days ago was perfect.

My next email will be full Deutsch, promise :)
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