[German] Anyone up for Goethe Institut A2.1?

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Fri Aug 24 05:48:39 UTC 2012

Mitch Altman writes:

> I can barely get by in German after doing the first 30 Pimsleur audio lessons.  Is A2.1 too advanced for me?

They describe the levels of the courses at


The Goethe-Institut doesn't use passing exams as a prerequisite for
continuing on to higher classes, but you could look at the sample exam
for A1 and see whether you could pass it (theoretically, that should
correspond to having successfully completed material equivalent to A1.1
and A1.2).

If you've only used Pimsleur tapes, you might have a lot of trouble with
reading and writing (which are a big part of the Goethe-Institut classes!).

I remember that when I started studying there, someone was willing to
talk to me on the phone to try to figure out what class I belonged in.
(They placed me in A1.1, and then I went on to take seven or eight
courses there and get the Zertifikat Deutsch.)

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