[German] Room open in Presidio, SF

Lucy (diN0bot) Mendel a.downy.hint at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 19:12:50 UTC 2012

Hallo Zusammen,

Es tut mir Leid, dass ich diese Notiz nicht auf Deutsch geschrieben
habe, aber ich habe nicht genug Zeit, um sie verständlich zu machen
(und wenn ich sogar glaube, dass ich was verständlich geschrieben
habe, missverstehen die Leute es auf jeden Fall). Hoffentlich ärgert
es niemanden zu viel--- es würde noch cool, wenn wir auf Deutsch im
Hause sprechen können :-)

Hi Everyone,

One of my 3 roommates is moving out at the end of February. Would you
like to move in?

We live in the center of the Presidio, high above the bay near
Inspiration Point:


Your room has 2 windows. Rent is cheaper than elsewhere in the city
considering how much space and amenities one receives.

In our basement is a pingpong table, dart board, table fussball,
weight set and punching bag. And washer and dryer.

In our yard are charcoal and gas grills, firepit and a hose for
washing up after beach and mud sports.

There are parking places in the back of the house on Piper Loop Rd.

Bikes park inside without steps.

There are woods trails to get to the Arguello Gate entrance or over to
the Presidio Gate entrance past the playground, bball and tennis
courts and baseball field. From Inspiration Point one can take the
Ecology Trail to get to the YMCA gym, pool and hot tub.

In the other direction the trails get to Immigration Point and down to
Baker Beach, from which one can go north to the Golden Gate Bridge (7
minute bike ride away) or south to China Beach, Lincoln Park, past the
old Bath House ruins and down to Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park---if
one then goes through the park and back up Arguello Blvd, then one has
a beautiful 10 mile loop hike/run.

In addition to driving around with a car, motorbike or bicycle, there
are also free Around THe Park shuttles and a free 20-min downtown
shuttle, PresidiGo, that runs on weekdays for commuters. Muni is a 15
min walk through the woods and then down Arguello Blvd to California

Between the Presidio and Golden Gate Park are a ton of Asian and other
restaurants, dessert cafes and shops, and a really great veggie
sandwich place by Cabrillo and Arguello.

Sports Basement (which organizes a ton of rides and activities), House
of Air (trampoline dodgeball) and a climbing wall are past the pool on
Mason St, which is also near Chrissy Fields along the Bay.

My favorite part of living here is having trees and sky outside my
windows, and being able to leave my bike outside all night, unlocked,
along with packages by the front door, and have everything still be
there in the morning. I bring my bike inside, no stairs, normally, but
the general ease of crossing inside/outside boundaries means a great
deal to me. I often cage myself unintentionally when living in a city,
not thinking to do pushups on the doorsteps, or go out for a quite
walk to see the meteors, or the sunset on the beach. This isn't the
only reason to live here, just a subtle thing that makes for me a huge

There are tons of sports in the area, from underwater hockey pickup at
the YMCA pool, to skimboarding at Baker Beach or Ocean Beach (20 min
bike ride away), ocean or Aquatic Park (20 min bike ride away) Bay
swimming, Beach and grass ultimate Frisbee, disc golf and of course
biking over the Golden Gate Bridge.

In terms of roommates: we all live flexibly and respectfully, quietly
and peacefully all things told. We're aged in the high 20s low 30s,
with jobs or graduate school. We want to be comfortable and not
awkward in our own homes. Clean up dishes when we're done. Fit in
where it makes sense, communicate concerns where that makes sense.

Finally: the Presidio is owned by the federal government (it's a
National Park!), so:

 - We lease from the government, and they require a credit check,
which can take a bit of time.
 - One pet is allowed, and we don't currently have one. We'd like to
meet him or her, just as we'd like to meet you.
 - Illegal drug offenses are federal offenses on federal land, so pot
is not allowed in the house.

If you're interested let me know when you can come over and meet
everyone and see the house. Email is best, but phone also works: 540


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