[German] Fwd: [sfuwh] Sunday, lake sonoma.

Lucy (diN0bot) Mendel a.downy.hint at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 21:47:02 UTC 2012

Wer ist auch dabei?

Ein paar Plätze sind noch frei, oder wenn man ein Auto hat oder mieten
will...   lass mich wissen.

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Cool. Phil is out. Russell might be in; meet at Paul's.

Ben, nice to meet you; thanks for the ride. Let me know when. I'm at
414 A Washington Bld 94129 on Piper Loop.
540 346-0268

Everyone, I'll have my phone, but if I remember from last time there
won't be any coverage. We'll try to formulate a plan ahead of time but
otherwise keep your eyes peeled and have a great time!

The trees I've used at Buck Pastures was for a 30-40 ft line,
primitive set up, which is about my skill level (could have been
tighter because the trees sway like crazy and the middle was in the
water. I need to consult Tom's GPS points if we're interested in a
longer line. There are more options in that area, too. This trip is
also to test a long swim, but we might also find a good option sooner
and that's fine.

There are maps online or at the visitor center before heading to the Marina.

ALso, please pack in food and water. There is a convenience store at the Marina.



2012/7/26 Tom Brown <thecapcom at gmail.com>:
> Ann and Ben are coming too, maybe some others.
> Ann will certainly be swimming.
> Ben has the gear to rig lines to ~400' and can walk them too, but we're
> trying for something in the 40-150' range. He'll be paddling.
> Ben is driving from the southbay through SF. Lets work out who is riding
> from where on Saturday in case more or less people come. Ben, if you want to
> get going earlier let us know. I don't think Lucy or Ann are scared of going
> before 9am ;-)

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