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Sun Mar 25 22:05:25 UTC 2012

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There's a major push on the way for a well know stock play.

This play moved for big gains several times - first from a nickel to close
to $1, then from $0.06 to $0.30, now this play has bottomed once again and
sitting at $0.06....this looks to be ready to make another move to over
$0.30 in no time.

Some are already starting to keep watch on it....here's your chance, before
the masses jump in with a frenzy!

BRYN Resources Inc (BRYN)

Last Traded $0.06

Target: $0.30

Potential Gains - 400%!

Bryn Resources is a precious metals exploration company currently
concentrating its efforts in Eastern Canada region and is actively seeking
partnerships in proven miniralization which are close to the production


We already brought you EKNL for 300% gains and still with the potential for
another 500%, now here's your chance to jump in on another muli-bagger
gainer just as it's starting to take off.

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